My life’s going to last as long, as lasts my book, its pages.
A part of me will die forever; a part of me will live for ages.

Like petals the book unfolds my story, steeped in mysteries. Everything meaningful in my life always began and ended in mystery. Early in my life, I became aware of the sixth sense I had about people, places and things. An invisible Third Eye made me visualize images beyond sight and guided me.

I grew up with a recurring dream, haunting the days and nights of my life. Someone whispered in my dream prophesying that my life path would be filled with demons because I was born of a powerful union between a softhearted angel and a cold-hearted demon. No wonder I tiptoed through every walk of life followed by a Demon—running straight into the arms of an Angel waiting to rescue me at the end of every road.

All my life I was mystified deeply by a strange pattern of curses woven into every blessing of my life. It was hard to differentiate when a blessing revolved into a curse and when a curse evolved into a blessing. I always found myself at the center of a fierce battle between the two powerful forces surrounding me and fighting to take control of me.

Looking back, I realize that no one could have prepared me for the events of my life, which culminated in a saga of a million nightmares. I could not comprehend the strength of the higher source until one day, right before my eyes, the entire physical phenomenon turned metaphysical; the matter turned spirit and my deadly Demon turned Divine. The very demon that relentlessly had pursued me since my conception had turned divine—melting all my regrets into thin air. I no longer look at my nightmares as curses but as magnificent adventures that brought me closer to the higher source. This book portrays my life in poetry and prose with colorful illustrations and riddles. My stunning pursuit to capture the true essence of my life led me to search through the very depths of my soul until I found myself face to face with my Demon and my Angel Divine, experiencing the mystical spell, which befell me years ago.

This book traces the journey of my life through the untamed and exotic land of India, where I was born and died and was reborn. I was destined to discover and break the power of a spell that liberated my family from a century-old curse and, in the process, liberated my Demon—my Tormentor!

I’m eternally grateful to my angel—my holy man;
who ushered me in this magnificent heaven;
raising me from my ashes again.

Men Sodaaii hoon or Mamnoon hoon,
os Banda-Parvar ka, jis Mohsan ne,
is muflis ko, yeh Jannat ata kar de.

My stunning journey of self discovery made me realize that Shangri-La lies within our reach. All we need is to connect our heart and mind to our soul and reach out. May you find your Shangri-La!

Pearly Ruby Princessa