Artist Statement
Into the Realm of Magical Realism and Mystical Art

A Canadian mystery writer, poet, multi-media mural artist, illustrator, and educator based in Calgary, Alberta.

SUKH KHOKHAR specializes in writing fiction with historical and mystical perspectives. She draws her characters from real stories and weaves her stories with poetry, supernatural imagery and illustrations. She takes her readers into the realm of fantasy – into the mysterious world of angels, demons, and ghosts and portrays their spiritual journey through the dark side into light. She enhances her storytelling with mural paintings. Her stories are steeped in magical realism, mystery and suspense. Her characters have been described as historical, mystical, lyrical, magical, spiritual and powerful.

She portrays stories of struggle and emancipation, love and passion, retribution and redemption, intrigue and obsession exploring the elusive connection between the visible and invisible, physical and metaphysical, matter and spirit, good and evil, and creator and creation, leading to the goal ultimate peace. Her artwork is rooted in spiritual consciousness and it permeates the presence of the Higher Source. It reflects the phenomena of beauty and balance, evolution and change, metamorphosis and rebirth surrounding the nature.

She defines the concept  of life and death at a deeper level by going beyond the boundaries of the physical and metaphysical into the surreal world, where these two forces come together and totally blend to form a new life force which defies the myth of death, and supports the belief that there’s no such thing as death—there’s only a new beginning and a continuum –the eternal presence of the Source. Everything comes from the Source and goes back to the Source...

She works at her art with a deep sense of awareness—that there lies within her a sacred pool of creative energy which comes from the higher source and that her soul is open to receive and transmit his gifts projected in her mind’s eye, and he allows her to create in his likeness and become a co-creator with the Source. Her diverse training has allowed her to work with several mediums. She scans and incorporates her hand-painted applications into digital art. Her digital artwork can be seen on numerous book covers, in e-books and on her website:

Literary and Artistic Background

A Canadian mystery writer, poet, multi-media mural artist, illustrator, and educator based in Calgary, Alberta. She pioneered the race relations movement in northern Manitoba in 1990, and promoted it to the national level, raising awareness of the minority issues, and human rights by delivering successful interactive workshops to schools, businesses and community groups and coordinating multicultural radio programs for twenty-four years (1985-2008). Winner of the City of Thompson Race Relations Merit Award, she worked with RCMP Commissioner Norman Inkster and Phil Murray to diversify the national force; documenting the historical policy initiatives in the book, The Changing Face of the RCMP

A recipient of the Governor General's Commemorative Medal and author/compiler of a series of multicultural education resource books. The paperback edition of her critically acclaimed debut novel, The Mystery of the Rose: The Return of the Prince was longlisted for the 2013 Crossword Book Award, one of the most prestigious literary awards in India. It is a historical saga of the rebirth of India through the eyes of a British woman, at the turn of the 19th century. The e-book version of the novel was published in 2013, with 15 illustrations in full color. Her mystical adventure in poetry e-book, Dark Mystery: I’m a Demon. I’m a Ghost was published in Kindle and Kobo editions in March 2013, with 30 illustrations in full color.  It is a story of the revelations of a ghost trapped in time. The novel and the two e-books are available on, at Chapters-Indigo and at many on-site retail stores and online sites in Asia, Europe and North America. Her mystical artwork, recent books can be seen on her website:

SUKH D. H. KHOKHAR is a Canadian writer, poet and multi-media artist. She is the author of the Mystery of the Rose: The Return of the Prince and illustrated mystical adventure, Dark Mystery: Ifm a Demon. Ifm a Ghost. Her books are available at www. and at Chapters-Indigo