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The author has weaved a magical web with the breathtaking lyrics . .  .


In the body I sleep;  in the soul I rise.
A part of me renews; a part of me dies.

I’m as grateful to my demon, as I am to my holy man;
whose relentless pursuit so intrigued my Master,
that I was redeemed by the Master himself.

Chapter 2:

Gold  and  glitter, splendor and renown,
I’m an illusive gem in the British Crown.

Two powerful cultures matching their might;
One locked in the cage; one roaring outside.

Chapter 3:

He had  depth in his voice and magic in his face;
in his body and soul, there was rhythm and grace.

This is the story of a woman, he ever loved deep.
She was the only one woman, he dreamt in sleep.

Chapter 4:

Indian gems, Indian soil, British glory;
Who’s the teller? And who is the story?

He touched me, just like in the dreams;
    I forgot everything, I forgot everyone.
                              Just the kind of love, which held me spellbound
                             and made me towards him wildly run.

                                                           So softly, he whispered, so gently he touched.
                                                                  So warmly he kissed and held my hand.
                                                                         I felt like the most beautiful woman.
                                                                              He felt like an angel from the magic land.

Chapter 5:

She opened her arms in a loving embrace.
There stood her ghost, staring in the face.

Come out of the shadows; I want to see,
the face of the one, who’s haunting me.

Chapter 6:

In the raging fire, my life was lost.
My own shadow became my ghost.

The picture of the child is the picture of me,
I’m the one, who is depicting me.
                             Top of the mountain to the bottom of the sea,
                                                  I’m the one, who is searching for me.

On the steps of heaven, the skeletons lay.
My mighty God had feet of clay.
                        My demons drove me to my doomsday,
                                          I was rendered speechless; had nothing to say.

Chapter 7:

The Paradise of the two worlds seems to surround me;
I had drifted into the forgotten land until you found me.

A part of me doesn’t know you at all; a part of me knows you so well.
A part of me wishes to forget you; a part of me searches you like hell.

Chapter 8:

We are playing hide and seek; sometimes she is there, sometimes she is here.
I feel her presence, I hear her whisper; I reach out to her and she disappears.

Chapter 9:

I feel disappointed without regrets or pain;
and still playing with cool my losing game.

I see my demon digging my grave.
I hear a whisper; I shall be saved.

Chapter 10:

The rolling years revived no new hopes except again  revived the hope for release;
  one last hope surviving out of millions has like madness now my whole being seized.

Shall I jump through the fire to make amends?
or just burn slowly like a candle on both ends?

Chapter 11:

As if by magic someone molded you;
in whichever form I dreamed of you.

Tilak’s slogan—Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it;
set the entire British Empire on fire with a single matchstick.

Chapter 12:

A ruby and a pearl, a bright red rose and a face is driving me crazy;
those are the only real things in my life, everything else seems hazy.

I’m going away to a place where angels go; I shall be doing what angels do.
Should you, darling, ever lose your way; you’ll find my soul surrounding you.