The Mystery of the Rose:



The Mystery of the Rose: The Return of the Prince

The Paperback Edition Published by the LeadStart Publishing in 2012
Nominated for 2013 Crossword book Award
2016 revised Edition available at

Pearly Ruby Boone was born towards the turn of the 19th century. She arrived precisely after the stroke of midnight, under the full moon. The time of her birth was as ominous for her English born mother and aunt residing in India as it was for the British Empire.

The decade following her birth marked the beginning of the end of the once powerful and envied British Indian Empire, known as the British Raj.

Since time immemorial, the magical land of India, known as the Golden Eagle, had been captivating the hearts of millions of adventurers from around the world. These adventurers, lured by glitter and gold, sought repeatedly to plunder and conquer her.

In the period between 1600 - 1900, this Golden Eagle finally succumbed to the advances of the East India Company. For over three centuries, India became a glittering yet illusive jewel in the British crown.

The birth of Baby Boone symbolized many things to many people, British and Indian, but most importantly it symbolized change—a beginning and an end. For her native Indian parents, her birth marked the much hoped for new beginning of Savtantra, the self-rule for the land of India. For her British counterpart, it marked the final chapter—the end of the British Raj.

This is a tale of romance, intrigue and obsession portrayed with multiple, colorful illustrations set against the background of two intriguing cultures clinging passionately to each other in a combat, forcing each to total surrender.

In essence, it is a mystical adventure, exploring the magical connection between the physical and the metaphysical; matter and spirit; good and evil; demon and divine and ultimately, the undeniably compelling connection between the power of forgiveness and the gift of deliverance—the deliverance from the cycle of life and death leading to the state of NIRVANA . . . the ultimate peace.

The story is braided with exquisite paintings, breathtaking lyrics and amazing riddles. Check out the pages . . .

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